Avec plus de 800 heures de documentaires de haute qualité en Sciences & Histoire, Nature & Environnement, Voyage & Aventure, Sport, TERRANOA a pour vocation de fédérer les meilleures productions internationales (Boréales, Gedeon Programmes, 95° West, Bonne Pioche, Dune, L’Envol, Ethan Productions…) pour en favoriser la diffusion mondiale sur tous les médias en développant ainsi un réseau de partenaires français et étrangers comme ARTE, France 2, France 3, Planète, Canal +, BBC, WGBH, Channel 4, ZDF, RAI, SVT, Discovery et National Geographic… <br /><br />-- <br /><br />Terranoa is one of the leading distribution company, founded in 2000 by three prominent producers : Boréales (Frederic Fougea), Gedeon Programmes (Stéphane Milliere) and 95°West (Stephane Peyron). <br />Our company has become a benchmark for innovative, high-profile factual productions to broadcaters worldwide and has attracted outside producers who share the values and quality of our brand. Each year the productions we license are awarded internationally <br /><br />Today with a catalogue of over 800 hours covering Science & History, Nature & Environment, Travel & Adventure, Sports and Social issues, we offer multimedia platforms worldwide an attractive choice of TV programmes, acute editorial choices and a 10 year expertise in Factual coproduction.