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When I got into the taxi I smiled, there has been someone before me, as usual in a taxi, but this time it was different. When we turned the block a realised what it was, a worn shoe staring at my brand new sneakers. Daring to have a conversation was not in his nature, and leaving those two strangers by a simple shiny existence, of course one of a shoe, I could either intervene or reply. Where would we remain tonight, as a first reminder to our networking meeting in a posh Hotel suit whit overview of a never sleeping City, for sure bored and occasional interested in whatever the soup of mouths are serving. Yeah right, my little boy can’t see his tractor from such a view and he would be very disappointed. And of course he likes to sleep, who doesn’t? An urban myth? For sure, only the shoe abandoned. I would have loved to ask him about his previous owner or owners, but of course that would give me just an opinion of a singular and separated being. Never trusted those ones. Always nagging about who’s fault it is and how long they endured the caprices of a long forgotten love.
Banking over the streets, the taxi brings me closer and closer and closer, only the distance to that little stranger remained equal. What’s up pal? Why don’t you jump up to me and bite a peace of my nose? That would be an incredible story to tell those upper class high level Bottox bitches from tonight upcoming show…

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