Hey guys.If you don't know who I am,I'm tellyzx.This is where my YT channel vids that had disabled audio or get blocked in various countries via copyright will be as part of my Re-uploading project. Enjoy =DD <br /><br />Epic Quotes: <br /><br />"You're on TellyzxNetworkXTV" <br /><br />"To Get To Something,You Have To Go Through Something" <br /><br />All Shows on Tellyzx Network X: <br /><br />Finished Shows: <br /><br />ToyZ(Season 1)(FINISHED) <br />Anime ToyZ(Season 2)(FINISHED) <br />Kyrii and Shoyru(FINISHED) <br />Lil' Cartoon Cartoon Island(Season 1)(FINISHED) <br />Lil' Cartoon Cartoon Hollywood(Season 2)(FINISHED) <br />Pokemon Legends Hotel(Season 1)(FINISHED) <br />Pokemon Legends Cruise Ship(Season 2)(FINISHED) <br />Stranded on Poke Island(Season 1)(FINISHED) <br />Pokemon Legends Vs. Starters(Season 3/FINISHED) <br />Stranded on Poke World Tour(Season 2)(FINISHED)