Toby Siegal

Hey I'm Toby. <br />I like editing movies - especially on Runescape. <br />I started making videos only recently, so i dont have many, but they will come! also, my ediiting is getting better, so expect better vids in the future. <br /><br />I'll make guides, funny short stories, runescape movie vids and updates about me (bank vids, 99 skill parties and more) <br /><br />Runescape Name: TehT0by <br /><br />Except for playing Runescape i love hanging with my mates and doing all kinds of funny stuff, so i will probably make a few vids about that. <br /><br />I wont add anyone in runescape (beacsue i just don't have enough room in my friends list as it is) but if i get to know you a bit, i would love to add you :) <br />About YouTube - i'm open for offers. I will probably add anyone.