FOR MORE GO TO: <br />www.youtube.com/tedcrusty <br /><br />www.funnyordie.com/tedcrusty <br /><br />Hello I am Ted Crusty. <br />Once upon a time, I was sat watching some good old fashioned, high quality daytime TV (I'm still waiting for the lie detector results-who IS the father?), when all of a sudden the room was plunged into darkness and I blacked out. <br /><br />I arose some hours later in a barn filled with livestock wearing nothing but an edible posing pouch. I dread to think what had just happened. <br /><br />To try and drown my sorrows, I binged on Capri Sun Tropical until the pain went away. Awaking in a roadside ditch awash in a sea of sparkplugs and mango scented liquid, a passing motorist stopped and helped me out. That person was Joe, or as he was known then, Ken. <br />His misfortunes have been caught on camera by me since then for some unexplained reason. <br /><br />Ted Crusty. <br />