Love football love liverpool! Couldnt live without the beautiful game play it every day. <br /><br />Like to watch wrestling from the gd old attitude days! Favourite superstars are: <br /><br />Rock <br />Austin <br />Angle <br />Undertaker <br />Y2J <br />Triple HHH and the old kane. <br /><br />I would like to upload some vids but the legends that are Kaz and ronin have uploaded all the ones i can think of! But im not complaining! <br /><br />"From Shankly to Rafa we've followed our team, <br />Rome to Istanbul we've all lived the dream. <br />Our journey is long, our goal stays the same, <br />To keep for our children the famous red name. <br /><br />Wherever we are wherever we stay, <br />be sure the Kopites will seize the day. <br />For this our destiny, our passion and pride, <br />Liverpool Football Club, <br />THE WORLDS GREATEST SIDE!!! <br />