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This is Team Dattebayo (gmazca and dirtydan88) presenting:

Death Note the Abridged Series!

We hope to reach the quality of other fine Abridged series programs. Naruto, Yugioh, and Yu Yu Hakusho all come to mind. We might be a two man team but, we're more than capable of reaching the bar set by Abridged Series makers before us.

Thanks to Lanipator, MasakoX, Vegeta3986, and LittleKuriboh for the inspiration they have given TeamDattebayo.

Episode 1 of the Death Note Abridged Series is now online!

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love ep 7 oh and look at my abridged series
6 years ago by NARUTO-G
Josh M. Wyche
Episode 7 is great.
6 years ago by Josh M. Wyche
Hej lol, thnx for the friend invite^^ nice ep 2, keep it up:D
7 years ago by Bobteknology

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