The Lost 12 Tribes Of Israel <br /><br />Judah = So-Called Blacks <br />Benjamin = West Indians <br />Levi = Haitians <br />Joseph/Ephraim = Puerto Ricans <br />Manasseh = Cubans <br />Simeon = Dominicans <br />Gad = Native American Indians Of The U.S. & Canada <br />Reuben = Seminole Indians <br />Issachar = Mexicans <br />Zebulon = Guatemala To Panama <br />Asher = Colombia To Uruguay <br />Napthali = Argentina To Chile <br /><br />Those Of Negroid & Indian Descent. Also Italians, Sicilians, Irish & Scottish Whose Bloodline Goes Back To The Moors Who Ruled Europe During The Dark Ages