Tamer Haters

Tamer Hosny Haters is The Biggest Page That Embraces The Haters Of the so-called "Singer" Tamer Hosny<br /><br />Tamer Hosny is a young singer, who first came to light in the beginning of the third millennium, through several songs that captured the admiration of everyone at first, yet not as soon as we had expected, that admiration and love for Tamer began to fade away about 4 years ago, due to his outrageous actions, which are to disrepute the Egyptian and Arab art which has always been known for its deeprootedness and originality throughout the ages.<br /><br />Tamer is an extremely bad role model for the Egyptian youth, so we have created this group, in order to express our rage, resentment, and dissatisfaction about Tamer Hosny, and that's for a variety of reason, some which are:<br /><br />1 - He allegedly claims to love Egypt, despite the fact that he was the first Egyptian to forge a certificate of military recruitment service, once he had the chance.<br /><br />2 - Many of his songs contain a lot of sexually-implying words and expressions, and the instances are innumerable.<br /><br />3 - He hires girls, in his concerts to cheer for him, and brags being the only singer, whom girls hug publicly in front of tens of his audience, but strangely denies it, afterward!<br /><br />4 - He deliberately plays the role of "the nice guy", while in fact, he is the entire opposite, which is called in Egyptian dialect "ass-kissing".<br /><br />AND WHAT HAS BEEN HIDDEN, IS WORSE! SO JOIN US IN ORDER TO SAY "No Tamer Hosny"<br /><br />If you walk down the Egyptian street, and ask the youth about their opinion in Tamer Hosny, you'll find most of –if not all- their replies are against Tamer, for the youth, recently, have realized the difference between and a TRUE self-made singer, and a singer made of lies and propaganda; from inferior TV channels, to fooling teenagers' minds, and that exactly is what Tamer represents.