Fuck You! That's the story of my life or so it could have been if i would have let it. Growing up in the heartland of America in small rural towns made me feel as if i would never make it in showbiz (T.V./Radio) considering wal-mart was a good hour away. Living on a working farm you do a lot of fighting and see a lot of things you probably shouldn't. Hell where you think city nigga's go when they get in trouble? Towns like mine that's where. Around eighth grade i was tired of fighting. I needed a new way to defend myself. Next thing I know Hip hop had came to the resuce. For me it was a relief you mean i can say anything i want an you still won't wanna fight me. And the only rules are is i just gotta be more witty than the next guy. In the words of Clay Davis, "ssssshhhhhiiiiiiittttttt." I rapped all the time but just freestylin it wasn't until college that i earned the name Take0va. It was down in Atlanta that I meet Jaybird and i started writing my raps. Me and Jaybird had little to no success nationally but locally around the Atlanta region we made a name for ourselves with our first hit "Where my Hat Shawty" which we did a video for. The song along with the video gave us a great street buzz. Our last but closest to nation wide success I Need the Club, was an example of a hit with no money behind it. We won many local showcases around the A but nothing happened. Couple of times on dig it or ditch it, A.M. stations, college stations but just never broke thru like we should have. We even got all the way to the finals for BET's Wild Out Wednesday. Let me explain by finals I mean to get on the show. We had shows fans fun but no money and what it seemed like was a team in need of structure. I've decided to go Solo cause i still have a dream that i feel i can reach i will not live my life with regret. Hopefully you the fans of hip hop music can help me finally get that nation wide exposure I need to get my music out there. Thank you hope you like my music. .. .. .. ..