Starting to make videos again, soon. <br />My speedpaints are on youtube. <br /> <br /><br />I will upload my amvs/gmvs here as well. <br /><br />Deviantart: <br /> <br /><br />.Media. <br /><br />Media I have: <br />Dead Space <br /><br />Media I am downloading/ripping: <br />Kiminozo <br />Sonic the Hedgehog <br /><br />Media I hope to get: <br />Eternal Sonata <br />Ouran High School Host Club <br />Mass Effect <br />Animatrix and Matrix <br />Halo Trilogy <br /><br />Next speedpaint plan: <br />.'Quarantine Lockdown' <br />Digital Dead Space fanart <br /><br />Video currently making: <br />Media: Dead Space <br />Song: Violence Fetish by Disturbed <br />Story: No story, just a test run to make sure everything works alright.l