Tony Topping

I am a Specialist in UFOs and Paranormal Espionage, not by choice. I am classed as a lone wolf, due to my experiences of being hounded by a covert agency, filmed by unmarked helicopters & the filming of UFOs over my home. From these experiences began a quest for knowledge that brought me to the attention of Channel 4, unlike other researchers regarding UFOs who collect a mountain of data and then write about it, I am set against the background of real life encounters with government spooks, paranormal experiences and hair raising encounters with UFOs that is always what will make me stand out from the crowd, what drives me is the unending quest to constantly find out more for the reasons of my encounters and experiences that took me on a course of research and study for answers like no other, as a result I became in demand for my lectures on UFOs and Paranormal Espionage, and can be often seen in the media, from the BBC to national station talkSPORT where my comments on UFOs are often required. The story of my life reads like a dramatic black comedy and spans over thirty years of experiences with UFOs and the Paranormal. Welcome to my crazy world, but it is a world that seperates SIGNAL from NOISE when it comes to the subject of UFOs.