The Daily Commuter Video Logs and The Commuter Talk Show are promotional vehicles for the independent film COMMUTE, which is currently seeking nationwide distribution and playing film festivals. For more info about the film please visit AND <br /><br />FILM SYNOPSIS: <br /><br />Follow THE COMMUTER, as he embarks on his daily drive from Orange County to Los Angeles along Interstate 5 and California Highway 101. During the commute, he fields phone calls from his office, deals with clients, his secretary and the pains and aggravations of the most horrific traffic on the West Coast. A satirical look at coping with the rapidly growing problem of too many cars and not enough road. During his drive, the Commuter finds time to worry, relax and contemplate his life while extending various philosophical views and ideas we all share while trapped in our cars. As his mind wanders we catch a glimpse of what commuters do in their cars to deal with a 39 mile drive that takes nearly two hours. The tension mounts as The Commuters irritable bowel syndrome kicks into overdrive as he deals with a client who has killed an old lady while driving drunk. He manages to find time to fantasize about his sexy secretary, Doris Dae, while coping with the most irritating and annoying traffic reporter known to man, The Guy in the Sky.