THE WATER FLOW,is an American POP singer/songwriter duo composed of identical twin sisters,Dawn and Jane Stone.In '98,the girls signed with producers-managers Full Force (NYC),they gave the girls the name Miss Match.After couple of show appearances the girls caught the eye of Dream Works & Sony,but unfortunately after 3 years of being with the Force guys the girls decided to move on.Today,the twin sisters go by the name THE WATER FLOW.Being always driven,and appreciative of all the blessings that God has blessed them with,THE WATER FLOW ladies make their mark in the eyes of the one and only Miss Patti Labelle.On Oct. 30th '05 in Philadelphia, PA,THE WATER FLOW(which at that time went by the name H2O FLOW) performed on stage with some of the most legendary figures of soul music (Gerald LeVert,Miki Howard,The Blue Notes,Floetry etc.) and the show was being hosted by no other then Miss Patti Labelle. "...she approached us after our performance and offered us a spot in her band as her backup singers, a year later we end up going on tour with her - it was a true honor to be in such presence."Trough the years the girls were fortunate enough to meet and work with a list of very talented individuals-producer,managers,artist and so forh (Miss Patti Labelle,Chat Eliot,Vernon Lynch,Terrie Williams,Xsevior Artist,Christopher Gold Finga,Philip Smarts,Kevin Dean,Swizz Beatz,Al Rad Lewis a.k.a. Boola, Eric "Erk" Vargas etc.) "...we have nothing but love for those who helped us over the years to become one step closer to our dreams..."In June 2007 the duo rleased their 1st album - called "NO ONE DOES IT BETTER (THAN U)",it contains 11 songs (lyrics and melody by Dawn & Jane Stone)-if you haven't heard or purchased their CD yet - NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO: (search for H2o Flow) <br /> (search for H2o Flow) <br /> <br />