Francesca Valerio Invernizzi

I have been trying to lead a normal life, but I find that I am a target of gang stalking and it's throwing things for a curve, but I am trying to make a recovery. <br /><br />Ho cercato di condurre una vita normale, ma mi sono accorta di essere obiettivo di gang stalking e questo mi ha fatto precipitare giù per una china. Però sto cercando di trovare un rimedio. <br />Target Individual Francesca Valerio Invernizzi <br /><br />The perpetrators of Organized Gang Stalking are serious criminals who do great damage, and the acts done are very serious crimes by any measure. Organized Gang stalking is a highly criminal campaign, one directed at a target individual, and one that aims to destroy an innocent persons life through covert harassments, malicious slander and carefully crafted and executed psychological assaults. Organized Gang Stalking deprives the targeted individual of their basic constitutional rights and destroys their freedom, setting a stage for the destruction of a person, socially, mental and physical, through a ceaseless assault that pervades all areas of a persons life. (Silent Holocaust Torture Human Rights Abuses Loss of Civil Rights Due Process ViolationFirst Amendment Violations Fourth Amendment ViolationsFifth Amendment Violations Conspiracy Against Rights Failure to ProtectCorrupt Lawyers Greedy Lawyers Incompetent Lawyers Legal ReformMonopolistic Behavior Legal Guilds Injustice Inhumanity CowardiceDesertion Abandoning One's Duties Violating Oaths Law of silence Corruption)