TASVideos is a website dedicated to the cause of Tool Assisted Speedruns. <br /><br />Tool Assisted Speedruns are speedruns of video games that are recorded with tools, often being emulators, this is necessary as the methods used are unusable on ordinary consoles. <br /><br />Input of the controller is recorded in either slow motion or frame by frame, the latter preferred for the degree of optimization it provides. Other tools include dumping the games RAM for information or even disassembling the game to find some obscure and rare bugs. <br /><br />Among the most important things in a tool assisted speedrun that many people will agree on is entertaining people with showing off all the bugs that can be pulled off in the games engine. <br /><br />This channel is intended to let people watch TAS's without the need of downloading the video file via the torrent or so that they do not have to track down the game and mess around with all sorts of settings in order to play back the speedrun. It is simple to watch videos on a video uploading site, simpler than the other two methods and many people will agree. <br /><br />Please note: If any of the videos are desyncronised this is due to the way that DailyMotion processes the videos. Because of the complex encoding measures we use to keep reasonable quality and still keep the file size down this leads so some issues in the processing of the video.