Bionic Sisters Productions has been in business since 1999 in San Diego, California. BSP has been the record label and music publisher of recording artist and BSP President, Bridget Brigitte. In conjunction with her manager SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing Strategist Jean-Pierre Prieur, BSP has helped others create websites, promotional material, videos, and films. In the world of design, we have expanded our record label to include web design and SEO services. We are careful to maintain a limited client base so that each website is carefully nurtured. In the world of music, we have produced multi-artist musical evenings that include equitable mixes of women and men, while reflecting the diverse international communities we all come from. Our motto remains "every hit was a new song once" and causes dear to us include: world-awareness, respect for the earth, harmony, education, health, animal and human rights including enforced Fair Trade agreements. BSP is run by wife and husband Bridget and Jean-Pierre who conduct business meetings and communications together as a team. <br />NEWS: BSP web design helps garner national award for non-profit SDAART! The National Association of Ethnic Studies awards the San Diego Asian American Repertory Theatre with Ernest M. Pon Memorial Service Award citing important 14 year history displayed on impressive website!!!