Mo Latin <br /> <br /><br />ABOUT SuperEasyAV <br /><br />SuperEasyAV is about getting your message, voice and video out to the world with SuperEasy audio & video tools & toys. <br /><br />Whether you want to do online video marketing, Facebook & Youtube, and al the other video channels....or you want to create your own audio and video products....podcasts.... teleseminars.... webcasts....and even do your own live seminars and events..... you'll find everything you need at SuperEasyAV. <br /><br />ABOUT ME <br />I spent 18yrs in music in London studios & 10yrs running courses in sound engineering at a London college and in my own studios. <br /><br />I then did 5 years in seminar audio visual production working with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs & internet marketers. <br /><br />I was paid to attend millions of dollars worth of business & internet training – great gig! <br /><br />After hundreds of questions & requests from seminar attendees I started to do a few presentations....teleseminars...inetrviews.... and have now decided to share all I have learned in audio & video marketing, product creation & event production so you can get your message out to the world, help more people & make more money to live the lifestyle you want. <br /><br />HOBBIES/INTERESTS <br /><br />I love learning, travel, music, mountain biking,, qi gong, martial arts, psychology, relationship dynamics