Sunshine Enterprises

The independent label-imprint of the Viennese Sunshine Enterprises has more than a decade of experience in excellent club-culture and makes it to the point whether it´s on vinyl or cd-format. <br />Warm and organic sounds are not only becoming more and more popular to the most tasteful Top-DJs. House, Funk, Broken Beats, Soul, relaxed high-level-Electronic, Global Grooves and all that jazz: <br />Where Sunshine´s on, sunshine´s in. And when the sun is shining, genres are nothing more than point of views, because below the line it´s all about quality-music with soul. <br /><br />Established in the year 2000, the label-arm of the Austrian club&music network has internationally expanded as a safe refuge for steady, stylish, very ..grown-up.. club-Electronics, not only concentrating on the Viennese community. Friends of the family like Langoth and Karuan, internal members Madrid de los Austrias (with and without Dorfmeister), international cats like the House-legend Frankie Valentine, London´s overall favored Nigel Hayes, New York´s Robb Scott, the Baby-Mammoth-Member Burdy (currently Australia) or the produce-duo Bellcrash from Belfast have globally caused a pleasant sensation .. also beyond club-horizons: everything in the name of Sunshine. <br /><br />The Sunshine-family lives up its reputationas expected with premium and organic grooves presented in already two releases of the meaningful remix compilation ..This Is How We Lounge... When names like Yam Who, Domu, Restless Soul, Nicola Conte, Recloose or Seiji deliver some of their best reworks, you understand the Sunshine-dictum ..premium club music at its´ best... <br /><br />In the meantime the acoustic solar system grows eagerly. With new and bright rays like Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de los Austrias´ ..Valldemossa Remixed.. (including Moonbootica remix), a brand-new Langoth-album, Burdy´s latest sign of life, as well as the first single of the half-secret super-signing Busy People (coming out soon), the Sunshine Enterprises are well equipped fort he capture of ears, souls and hearts of further sunbathers. <br /><br />After the legendary Club Sunshine in the Viennese ..Meierei.. that lasted until the end of the nineties, Sunshine Enterprises has constantly expanded ist clubbing experience parallel to ist label-work. <br />The clubs Roxy and Passage, as well as the restaurant Comida (including the stunning future-design-hangout-spot Red Room in the basement) are run by Sunshine. <br />Moreover the Enterprises were responsible fort he beloved Sequence Festival in Vienna. <br /><br />The Sunshine-formula which consists of an open network of musicians, producers, DJs and other creatives has proven a value, because Sunshine always understood how to define itself newly in order to meet ist vision of a qualitative and genre-spanning music-platform. <br /><br />Music for all moods .. in the sun as well as in the fauteuil or on the dancefloor. Let the sunshine in!