Steve Johnson

"We live in an age of deception, where truth is Governments biggest enemy and enemies are fictitious tools of Governments. Truth is resolute, it will always remain the same as solid as a rock, it never changes and it never fears any investigation or questioning. Only liars and deceivers fear questioning..." <br />-Steve Johnson <br /><br />"Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality." <br />~ Michael Ellner <br /><br />This channel STRONGLY supports the semitic people of the Arabic and Bedouin races whom are the true peoples of CANAAN and have always been so. THUS this channel has never ever been racist or anti semitic in nature. <br /><br />The views of the channel owner is neither discriminatory towards anyone based on religion or culture, however political policies of a clearly racist and apartheid state has gone too far lately and the funding must cease. <br /><br />We must all make an effort to stop funding Israel of the products that support it. We all need to be made more aware of the choices we make everyday. <br />--------------------------------------------------- <br />What Some people don't understand is patience and persistence is a way of life for PALESTINE and PALESTINIAN supporters...Hardship and being the victorious underdog is NOW engrained in their culture as a way of life. <br /><br />I make these calls to support ALL HUMAN BEINGS in the struggle for basic human rights, clean air and fresh water. <br />We CAN stop this overtake of our institutions... <br />THEY can be stopped... <br /><br />Stopped By Truth <br />Stopped By Evidence <br />Stopped By Exposure <br /><br />Hi I'm Steve Johnson... <br /><br />Thanks to EVERYONE who has supported my videos and helped me spread the ALARMING message of the ZIONISTS who are controlling the western countries of: Australia, USA, Canada, and the UK .