Dana L. Bidlake

Dana's Poster Girl <br />Its simple come up with an awesome picture. Send it to dana_bidlake@hotmail.com <br /><br />Only send pictures that myspace will allow. The picture with the most votes in www.keytone/bidlake.com and www.break.com/DanaBidlake once a week the picture with the highest votes wins and gets 20% of its income. If your picture is picked poster of the month you will earn 70% of its income. <br />myspace.com/greenerman This is a page where your picture will be posted. The comments will be counted as votes. you can send as many different pictures you want. <br /><br />We do have an adult contest if your interested in that. <br />Have an awesome day. Hope to see a few pictures. <br />We do sell world wide and if you send in now more then likely you will be picked... <br />Dana