Steven Moline

Steve Moline has been in residential lending since 2003, with a specialty in Reverse Mortgages. He is a member of AARP and a licensed California Real Estate Broker. His motto ‘Helping senior homeowners get cash for life’ truly describes his belief that he can introduce you to a guaranteed source of money to gain a better quality of life while living securely in your own home. <br /><br />A Reverse Mortgage pays you cash from the equity in your home. To qualify you must be a homeowner age 62 and up. Your income and credit do not matter. With a Reverse Mortgage you will never make another monthly mortgage payment. You can use your money for any purpose and remain financially independent while living comfortably in your own home. Your FHA guaranteed benefits are paid as a lump sum, fixed monthly payment, line of credit, or a combination of all three. You and your heirs will be happy to know you are safe and secure in your own home while it gains value through appreciation. <br /><br />Steve will show you the proven benefits of a Reverse Mortgage. You can learn everything you need to know from the comfort of your home. The consultation is free and without obligation. You are encouraged to have other trusted advisors there to ask questions as well. Steve will explain your alternatives and help you discover a solution that works right for you. For your security you must speak with a HUD approved counselor before you can receive a Reverse Mortgage. This is an easy process you will do from home. Steve will provide the counselor contact information to you during his visit or by phone.