Steve Crowley

Hello. My name is Steve Crowley. I live in Prairie du Chein Wisconsin. I work in the Restaurant Industry as a Chef and have for over 23 years. <br /><br />I've been on a life changing path for the last 2 years. I've tried many things that promise the world and deliver nothing but EMPTY promises. I've had many experiences, forever in pursuit of that one life changing event! I'd try a new experience for a while, and get burned out at not seeing any real results in life. Then I'd try again with the same actions, only to end up with the same results. <br /><br />While my tests have been many, I've put on an outlook that it's O.K to go through tough times, You just can't quit, EVER! And it just takes that one thing that works that can turn your whole world around! So keep searching till you find it! <br /><br />I want to meet ambitious, positive, creative, & entrepreneurial people who I can learn from & inspire me as well! People who are passionate & success minded! <br /><br />Please feel free to contact me any time if you want to make a great friend online! And if you are looking to make a nice income, I can help there too! <br /><br />SKYPE I.D# SteveCrowley5 <br />EMAIL <br /><br />Please feel free stop by my website! We have a vast selection of ebooks and software products that are available for immediate download. We feature over 6,000 products on just about any topic you can think of! If you are into it, chances are we've got it! <br /><br />Right now I am offering a free ebook: Recipes for Internet Marketing Sucess, to all my visitors! So drop by and grab a FREE copy! Hope to see you there at