Stephen Muckle

First of all, here are the rules of my channel

1. Comments and Ratings are enabled on videos, warning: If I see a comment that I judge to be either abusive, insulting or threatening, the comment will be deleted, and the user blocked, and if necessary, the Dailymotion feedback team will be notified.
2. I am not trying to do anything special in my game videos, I am just displaying gameplay from the games that I cover. All credit goes to publishers.
3. Spamming is absolutely not allowed on my videos
4. Most importantly, subscribe to me! ;). It would also be ideal if anyone are going to subscribe or favourite any of my videos, let me know who they are.
5. If I judge a comment to be acceptable, I will send you a friend invite

Allo! Stephen aka Weetabix Head here, in case ur wondering why that is my nickname, my politics teacher in Sixth Form gave me it coz of the way my hair grows. Nothing much else to say but I am currently studying History and Politics at Queen's University Belfast and I am a huge fan of Computer Games, especially fighting games like Tekken, Virtua Fighter and Street Figher. I am a huge fan the mighty Red Devils and Double Champions Manchester United!

XBox Live Gamertag is StephenMuckle and Bebo account is, my profile is set to private. I also have a facebook account where I will post videos I don't post here and on Myspace and my Myspace page is shown in the website URL