Neither Napa Police Department Investigator Ronald Appel nor District Attorney Gary Lieberstein, both of whom reviewed my documentary evidence (see photo of binders in the upper left hand corner of this page), found any evidence of wrong doing.<br /><br />I sought out a second legal opinion.<br /><br />In contrast, Attorney Michael Stewart (Woodland, California), who reviewed the same documents in the photograph above, the same documents reviewed by Appel and Lieberstein, had a quite different legal opinion from that of Appel and Lieberstein.<br /><br />Attorney Michael Stewart found the following breaches of the law and causes for legal pursuit:<br /><br /> - Real estate fraud,<br /><br /> - Financial fraud,<br /><br /> - Undue influence,<br /><br /> - Negligence,<br /><br /> - Breach of contract,<br /><br /> - Unfair business practice,<br /><br /> - Legal malpractice,<br /><br /> - Fraud,<br /><br /> - Constructive fraud,<br /><br /> - Churning,<br /><br /> - Breach of fiduciary duty, and<br /><br /> - Collusion and conspiracy.<br /><br />How is it possible that neither Appel or Lieberstein saw not even one violation of one of those above?<br /><br />When I consider the consistency of deny, delay, defend, and silence tactics used by those involved I feel the blinding light of collusion, conspiracy and suppression of evidence. I am frightened, horrified and shocked.<br /><br />I filed a complaint with the Napa Police Department against Mary Hamler, Mark Deemer, Attorney Scott Henry Carter and others. <br /><br />Napa Police Officer Ronald Appel took over the investigation from another police officer (Why?). <br /><br />After reviewing my thick binders of evidence, Napa Police Officer Ronald Appel's written letter to me stated that there was "NO SUSTAINABLE EVIDENCE" to send to the District Attorney.<br /><br />More than one-hundred of the documents reviewed by Officer Appel & District Attorney Liberstein appear here on my Yelp complaint page at:<br /><br />