Stephen Knapp

Stephen has dedicated himself to spreading the deepest and most practical levels of spiritual knowledge about the soul--our real identity. It is his strongest realization that our existence on this earthly plane becomes much easier and more vibrant the more we expand our spiritual awareness to perceive the higher dimensions and purpose of things around us. To help in this regard, he is the author of over 20 books on Vedic and Eastern spirituality, and has a collection of over 16,000 slides of India from his travels throughout the country. <br />An introduction to his research, writing and projects can be found at his website: <br />Stephen has also been to India numerous times and traveled extensively throughout the country, visiting most of the major holy places and temples, and many minor ones, and gaining a wide variety of spiritual experiences that only such places can give. His knowledge of India and familiarity with traveling in such a diverse country has made him an advisor for those who would like information concerning their own journeys to India. Stephen is also a free-lance photographer and does what he calls cultural photojournalism, capturing the essence of India and spiritual life in practice, which can help explain and show the depth of the culture. He enjoys giving slide shows on the holy places, and mixing photos with philosophy. You can see samples of his photography on his website.