STAND-UP 360™ hosted by Caroline Rhea captures the unmistakeable energy of a LIVE New York City comedy show in an unparalleled series of films featuring a line-up of top names from headliners to break-out stars. An exciting new concept for movie theaters, STAND-UP 360™ offers major bang for the buck; it would take months of repeat visits to a variety of comedy clubs to experience the range and calibre of talent assembled for these films. <br /><br />STAND-UP 360™'s debut series of feature presentations boasts seven original films jam-packed with laughs and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes action and antics, each with an exclusive and hilarious line-up of performers. <br /><br />STAND-UP 360™: seven feature length films coming to a theater near you beginning May 4! <br /><br />See who's featured in STAND-UP 360™! <br /><br />STAND-UP 360™ Edition 1 <br />Caroline Rhea- Host <br />Erik Rivera <br />Wali Collins <br />Vanessa Hollingshead <br />Mike Vecchione <br />Joe Larson- Break Out <br />Steve Rossi- Break Out <br />Roz G <br />MODI <br /><br />STAND-UP 360™ Edition 2 <br />Caroline Rhea- Host <br />Jesse Joyce <br />Laurie Kilmartin <br />Michele Balan <br />Ross Bennett <br />Esther Ku <br />Peyton Clarkson <br /><br />STAND-UP 360™ Edition 3 <br />Caroline Rhea- Host <br />Keith Alberstadt <br />Pat Dixon <br />Roz G <br />Rich Vos <br />Mike Yard <br />Poppi Kramer <br /><br />STAND-UP 360™ Edition 4 <br />Caroline Rhea- Host <br />Judy Gold <br />Adam Hunter <br />Godfrey <br />Costaki Econompoulis <br />Rich Brooks <br />Brad Cohen <br /><br />STAND-UP 360: Muy Caliente™ Edition 1 <br />Erik Rivera-Host <br />Peaches Rodriguez <br />Cory Fernandez <br />Mark Viera <br />Becky Donohue <br />Laz Viciedo <br />Vladimir Caamano <br />Angelo Lozada <br /><br />STAND-UP 360: Muy Caliente™ Edition 2 <br />Erik Rivera-Host <br />Chris Mata <br />Cristela Alonzo <br />Mark DeMayo <br />Christina Galston <br />Joe Rocha <br />Sara Contreras <br /><br />STAND-UP 360: Inside Out™ <br />Caroline Rhea- Host <br />Judy Gold <br />Jenette Sampson <br />Jason Scarlatti <br />Rick Crom <br />Michele Balan <br />Jackie Hoffman <br />Frank DeCaro <br />Hedda Lettuce <br />Michael Brill- Break Out <br />Jaffee Cohen <br />Poppi Kramer <br />