Squid Kid Trailers is a team of video-making vigilantes who are waaaay too interested in comic books, fantasy, SF and romance. Our many talents include quoting Star Wars and The Princess Bride like bible-thumpers quote scripture, comedy shorts, spoofs and book trailers. We are slowly but surely posting our videos for your enjoyment. Drop us a line, eh? <br /><br />Squid Kid Trailers is made up of . . . <br /><br />Hannah R. - The invisible director and secretive writer. Out of all of the SquidKid crew, you will see her least. You might hear her voice once the cartoons are created. <br /><br />Sarah - The talented lead actress in most trailers. She portrays several Goth girls, loves pandas, and can do a mean Momiji impression. <br /><br />Kyle - Who is playing video games and owning someone as you read this. He's quiet, kept-to-himself, and doesn't like drama. He's a bit cynical, and has a low threshold for ignorance. However, he's a romantic at heart. <br /><br />We here at Squid Kid Trailers have many friends, allies, librarians and Supermom who help us out. We'll introduce them to you when we see it fit to. <br /><br />Thank you for visiting our page and have an excellent day. <br /><br />-Squid Kid