Spiritus Mundi

Spiritus Mundi works with culture to create new and unique meeting grounds between people with different social, cultural and geographical background. Spiritus Mundi uses music, imagery, text and other creative expressions to create dialogue, participation and understanding. Since the foundation of the organisation in August 2003 Spiritus Mundi has produced several projects and initiatives on the local, regional and international level. <br /><br />Objectives <br /><br />• create meeting grounds for intercultural dialogue for children/young people and adults <br />• increase the awareness and knowledge of different identities and cultures <br />• seek out new models for how to work practically with intercultural dialogue, models that can be duplicated and used in other cities/countries <br />• create long-term culture bridging processes in cooperation with teachers and students – locally, nationally and internationally <br />• tie culture, education and trade & industry closer together <br />• act as an advisor in issues regarding culture diplomacy