Sherilyn Gauhs

Hey everyone ! Look for me on Youtube, cause that the main place where I would be everytime, with the same username as here or StrikeTheFox and DarkSonic132456. I upload video here mainly because Youtube disable my video there. Or the song itself only got disable. <br /><br />I'm a girl, so hush -.- don't always mistaken me as a boy. But hey, call me Sky on Youtube and Facebook. <br /><br />~ Contact me: <br />» MSN: <br />» Gmail: <br />» Skype: darksonic132456 <br />» Facebook: Sky Gauhs <br />» Yahoo: <br />» AIM: SkyKLW <br />Wondering if I am on the site you at ? Then what are you waiting for, try searching with these names. <br />• sonic132456 <br />• DarkSonic132456 <br />• StrikeTheFox <br />• Sonic_Agent <br />• Sky Gauhs