David Michael Cullen

Hello...nice to meet you.... <br />I've been writing songs ever since I joined my first group..back in 1962.. They've been performed by most of the groups I've played with, and also by quite a few other groups and singers....without any major record release or interest. There was quite a lull in my writing from the mid 1970's until the early 90's. I put this down to concentrating on business and family matters. <br />In the mid 90's I discovered Computer Music Programming, and while I was not experienced enough to make backing tracks and record, I had a few friends who were very qualified and proficient in this....so to them I went to record my songs...while learning at the same time....This got me back into the songwriting passion once again. So, most of the songs have been recorded with various singers singing my songs for me, and were written from 1995 onwards. <br />I spent 10 years from 1995 to 2005. writing, recording and sending my songs around the world to Publishers, Record Producers, and Artiste Managements...and while there has been interest with 3 single song Publishing deals being accepted..these 3 songs have now reverted back to me. <br />So..having left my demo recorded songs on various CD's gathering dust in a drawer, I decided near the end of 2010 to put the songs on to Video using images relating to the lyrics... and that the world of internet Video and it's supporters could take the opportunity to look and listen to them if they so wished...and at the same time..maybe take some enjoyment from them... <br />I sincerely hope so.... <br />Regards and Thanks... <br />Dave Cullen<br /><br />ALL OF MY ORIGINAL SONGS ARE MY COPYRIGHT OWNED..AND HAVE ALL BEEN REGISTERED AS MY OWN WORKS WITH THE PRS (PERFORMING RIGHTS SOCIETY) IN THE UK.<br /><br />Justine's Website<br />http://www.justineriddoch.com