Son Kaku

I am the leader of the organization called NFP. We are making AMV:s and funny shows. Current members: 10 <br /><br />MasakoX is an honoary member of NFP. He is here on dailymotion. Check out his vids as well. <br /><br />My e-mail: <br />Steam ID: SonNeoKaku <br /><br />If you wish to add me in one of the games below, send me a message or mail. <br /><br />Mario kart Wii: 0903-9458-1010 ('m called Sora online) <br />Super smash bros. brawl: 0986-3278-7380 <br />Animal crossing city folk: 2707-6495-8218 <br />Pokemon diamond: 4940-3101-5705 <br />Pokemon platinum: 1934-8010-8582 <br />Megaman starforce 2 zerker x saurian: 2407-4100-3376 <br />Megaman starforce Leo: 2148-6647-9081 <br />Sonic rush adventure: 227754-198420 <br />Bleach blade of fate: 4554-8936-9367 <br />Advance wars dark conflict (days of ruin): 292280-612373 <br />Final fantasy III (DS): 3394-2342-36