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Covers, Original songs and Live videos! <br /><br />George Psomiadis is a singer, songwriter & actor from Greece. Since 2004 he has participated in numerous concerts, tv series, movies, tv commercials and plays.The last few years he is also active on YouTube platform as a cover youtube artist with hundreds of thousands views. Two of his covers (“Je sais pas"& "My love”) have been awarded in International Artists and Music Contests. He has also participated on HCSC - European Online Music Contest, getting the second place.<br /><br />In 2013 he participated as Tenor1, Tenor2, Alto1 & Alto2 in the virtual choir of the Grammy award winner composer Eric Whitacre and the song “Fly to paradise” which has been presented to Buckingham Palace and Queen Elizabeth.<br /><br />George’s vocal range is close to 3 octaves and his voice type refers as countertenor.<br /><br />He sings in Greek, English, Spanish, French, Napolitan etc and different styles such as pop, world music, greek, alternative rock, musical, soul - R&B and many of his recordings got played on different radio stations.<br /><br />* First (#1) Place - International Artistic Contest, among 200 participants from 15 countries. Online by the public and by a jury of Celine Dion's producers and collaborators. [2011] <br /> <br />* First (#1) Place - International Online Music Contest, among 32 participants. [2012] <br /> <br />* Second (#2) Place - HCSC - European Online Music Contest, among 22 participants. [2012] <br /> <br /><br /><br /> [LIKE] <br /> <br /> [SUBSCRIBE] <br /> <br />You can Support us with your Donation!: <br /> <br /> <br />Thank you!!