Smac One

SmacOne is an articulate, poetical hip hop artist with a homegrown bluesy sound. <br />A man with a large vocabulary and poetical rhythm, SmacOne started writing poetry 15 years ago and since has turned that into musical masterpieces. A lot of what SmacOne has to say has double or even triple meanings. Packed with metaphors and similes, his music is set to jazzy melodies that you can't help but nod your head to... <br />SmacOne likes to mash up his style with other genres. He is a member of the SouthSide KrazyKidz, which is a bit more of the darker side of rap. Also, he can be heard with Christophe(a country/punk singer), Danny Trashville(a country singer), and Social Parasite(a metal band) where he raps, sings, plays his harmonica, or whatever in the hell else he wants to. <br />With at least 3 Albums coming out this year, this will not be the only time you hear about SmacOne The 27th Letter.