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I am 15, live in England and I am a big fan of GX. I will be uploading the dub episodes here, as opposed to my Japanese Account file, Herobarrier.

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141 will be up l8er
6 years ago by SliferYF
Added episode 140, A Sight Unseen (2) dubbed. Poor Jim is gone now, and Axel has just legged it. Oh well, Jaden will get what is coming to him.
6 years ago by SliferYF
Well, i have uploaded episodes 129-138 of GX dubbed now. Some are better quality than others but hey, it's not supposed to be HQ. When new episodes come out, i will upload them, but since there is no news of them yet, don't expect them to be out too soon.
6 years ago by SliferYF

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