Justin Heasman

Hey SWTV Viewers, <br /><br />SketchWork TV "VFX" is an exciting show that looks into Hollywood special effects and film making techniques. Show host Justin Heasman will guide you on this rollercoaster ride into how to recreate the magic. <br /><br />Since an early age I have always been facinated by all aspects of movie making and have always loved the old 'B' Movies as well as the current blockbusters. <br /><br />My drive has always been to learn how to accomplish all the great effects as seen in the movies and now I am proud to present to you SketchWork TV. With SWTV I am here to share my knowledge and hopefully you'll pick up some techniques that you may have not previously thought of. <br /><br />If you want to see how to make an effect you have seen, then post the request in the episode suggestion room of the SWTV forum and we'll take a look. <br /><br />Take care and see you on the SWTV channel.