Let's see, let's see...what have we here? <br />Yes, yes, my profile says I'm from Germany...but I'm not...well, yes, I'm part German but I do not live there :] <br /><br />If you want to contact me, please do so on my YT-Channel. <br /><br />!!!I'M SORRY!!! <br />I CAN'T UPLOAD ALL OF MY VIDEOS BECAUSE... <br />...even DM doesn't want them and deletes them right away...I'm VERY sorry about that ;__;<br /><br />These videos are: <br /><br />-AUSTRALIA <br />Song: "Land Down Under" by Men at Work<br /><br />-AUSTRIA <br />Song: "I am from Austria" by Rainhard Fendrich<br /><br />-FEM!ENGLAND<br />Song: "Oh No!" by Marina and the Diamonds<br /><br />-FEM!FRANCE <br />Song: "Moi...Lolita" by Alizée<br /><br />Videos you can ONLY watch here (because YT deleted them):<br /><br />-PIRATES<br />-JAPAN 1<br />-JAPAN 2<br /><br />Videos which are blocked here (for whatever reason...) and which you can only watch if you are logged in:<br /><br />-BELGIUM (...i don't even...)<br />-HETALIA BOYS (OMG! Naked men! -le gasp-)