Nico Yeo<br /><br />There are three major areas of concentration in Jeet Kune Do :<br /><br />1. Directness<br />2. Simplicity and,<br />3. Non-classical<br /><br />Directness means to follow the shortest and safest possible route to an opponent (normally a straight line) with non-telegraphic motions and doing as much damage as possible. The principle of directness in JKD can be found in the individual's ability to use his longest weapon (usually his lead hand or leg) against the nearest target on his opponent's body. Always think of hitting. Where there is emptiness - hit.<br /><br />Simplicity means doing only what is necessary to complete a task as quickly and efficiently as possible - This is by no means as easy as it sounds and requires a lot of thought and practice through continual drilling of all the basics. Daily decrease towards simplicity, economy of motion, directness. Absorb what is useful. If needed, modify or improve to make it efficient. Not add for sake of adding. Scientific analysis and problem solving. Working knowledge of other styles so as to neutralise their strengths and capitalise on their weakness.<br /><br />Effective and comfortable in all ranges. Able to adapt to opponent and environment. Customise art to complement own body type and attributes.<br /><br />Non-classical means that all the techniques are delivered in a practical manner, unlike the majority of "fancy" techniques that are used and taught in traditional martial arts.