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Drinking The Gavin DeGraw Kool-Aid!
I'm a fan of Gavin DeGraw (and you should be too) because...
Why am I a Fan? Gavin is the total package. . . I was fortunate enough to attend my first Gavin DeGraw concert in September 2008. And, as my cousin puts it, I've been drinking the Gavin Kool-aid ever since. Gavin is absolutely the most talented performer I have ever seen in concert. Unlike other concerts where familiar versions of album songs are presented, Gavin goes out of his way to give fans something unexpected. Before his concert, I could say I was a Gavin fan . . . meaning I purchased all of his music. After that concert, I am absolutely a Gavin fan and have been obsessed and blessed by being a fan since that time!

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Gavin DeGraw Belief Charlotte, NC 10/15/09

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