Minty Busby

**Profanity is NOT permitted on this channel!** <br /><br />• This goes for comments here on my profile as well as on my videos. <br />• All profanity will be deleted upon discovery. <br />• Profanity in the comments may at my discretion be BLOCKED. <br />• Please keep this channel child-friendly! <br /><br />I love Minty. Whenever I see her, I feel like I'm looking at part of myself, like somehow she's my daughter*, and I'm raising her, and it's my responsibility to look after her and keep her from harm and care for her when she's hurt or ill and comfort her when she's sad or lonely. When I see her face, I feel what she feels. When she laughs, I laugh. When she cries, I cry. I love her with all my heart and soul, and she'll always be a part of me. <br /><br />I love my little baby Pinkie Pie too because she's my little baby girl, and my love for her is unconditional. <br /><br />• I don't sub4sub. <br />• I try to to be considerate of your feelings and beliefs and opinions, and respectful of your right to have them, and I don't criticise them, and I ask the same of you. <br /><br />* I don't care to imagine how my daughter might have turned out to be a pony.