Hi my name is Simon Lendore and welcome to my channel. <br /><br />I've been playing piano ever since January of 2010 and was inspired by the Kiss Kiss piano cover that pianist David Sides performed on Youtube. So ever since January 2010 I've taught myself how to play covers that David Sides performed and my skills developed from there. <br /><br />I'm teaching myself to play the saxophone aswell and when I develop enough skill to play that I will be posting videos for that too. I'm taking music lessons to learn how to read music which means I don't have sheet music but if anyone would like a tutorial of a song, notify me in my YouTube inbox and if enough people would like a tutorial of the requested song I will try to post a tutorial. Likewise, if you have any song suggestions tell me and I will try to learn the song as best as I can but sometimes songs may be too hard or too simple that I wouldn't even bother to even post it. <br /><br />I hope you enjoy my music and if you like any of my covers it would help me a lot if you share my videos on facebook or myspace or whatever you use. <br /><br />LOVE.JOY.PEACE.