Sarafina Pretty Toes

Please leave 5 stars on my videos;] <br /><br />About / home: <br />I am a single parent with goals. I enjoy living a healty lifestyle. Eating whole foods. Being positive and living in the moment. <br /><br />Interests and Hobbies: <br />Weight training, walking along the gulf shore daily for my cardio. Attending boxing matches/MMA in Las Vegas. <br /><br />Movies and Shows: <br />I enjoyed John from Cincinnati while it was on. The Sopranos, Survivor, Jericho. Hereos. All televised Professional Boxing and MMA. <br /><br />Music: <br />I have and eclectic taste in music. I feel U2 is the best rock and roll band in the world. Prince and Jimi Hendrix are musical geniouses. <br /><br />Books: <br />I love all books, please read one today! <br /><br />"The universe and all its inhabitants are being reborn from moment to moment. we have some latitude in choosing the direction of our rebirth. Knowing this, we must be mindful of our past, present, future and create our thoughts, desires and actions accordingly". <br /><br />