Shimon Haber

Shimon Haber is professionally engaged in movie reviewing, book publishing, journalism, Internet communications and media. Shimon is author of many scientific and journalistic articles in these areas. Mr. Haber is a lecturer at seminars and conferences as well as in the School of Journalism in Martona. Shimon Haber holds a BA and in English Literature and Linguistics, MA in mass media and si working on the defense of his doctoral thesis in the field of new media and mass communication. Shimon Haber appreciates initiative, positive mood, believes in continuous improvement and willingly shares his knowledge with others. In free time Shimon likes traveling and his hobby is photography. Shimon Haber holds a PhD from Technion University and regularly blogs at ASEE PRISM magazine.
Playwright, film critic and theorist, Shimon Haber is born in New York in 1962. He made radical shift in his education by abandoning the study of Civil Engineering and transferred to FDU. Shimon Haber attended a course study of culture in the organization AAOM 1990/1991 . All the time he writes about movie and cyber culture for IMDb, XFun, Reporter, com_medi @, followed by the second channel of Radio Mortan, in which Shimon Haber has been steadily employed since 1995, first as a movie critic and author of programs and articles on film and currently as an editor for drama program. His video presentations are also posted to other video channels like YouTube and Vimeo.
Shimon Haber has worked on the Chronicle FEST at RTS. Has written essays for Cultural supplement policies. Shimon extensively published prose and poetry in magazines such as Proremina, American literary magazine and Literature. Haber is the author of several radio plays produced on radio Mortan. He attended film workshops in New Jersey Talent Campus in 1998. Shimon Haber published scientific papers in the Proceedings of FDU and wrote his doctoral dissertation at the Department of Film and Media Studies where he also earned his master's degree. His love of film still remains unconditional. For contacting Shimon follow him on his Twitter account or connect with Mr. Haber via LinkedIn.

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