Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd

Mumbai, India
In 1962 Shemaroo pioneered Bombay's first circulating Book Library. ‘Shemaroo Book Library’ and its extension for children ‘Shemaroo Kidz’ became popular, and around 1978-79 we set up India's first Video Library in Bombay. Further in 1986-87, we diversified into the acquisition of Video rights.

From VHS then, to VCDs and DVDs today, entertainment media has kept refining and redefining itself to suit modern market demands. And so has Shemaroo.

Armed with a veritable archive of Hindi films, Shemaroo penetrated into the Cable and Satellite TV scene, offering films for exhibition on various networks.

With a treasure trove of popular Hindi movies, film based videos, distribution network across the country and a lot more today - Shemaroo has thus carved a niche for itself, not only in the home video segment but also in entertainment at large.


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