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An online chronicle to the storied career of The Bizarre One. So that no one EVER forgets the name... GOLDUST.


Hey man, you still come on here?
Great To See Content For One Of The Most UnderRated And Creative Professional Wrestlers Of Our time.
Last year by DeadSurvivor
Hey man, why did you deleted that promo you made for Goldust vs Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania?
It was really great, and that Malmsteen song you had as a soundtrack was awesome!!!
Please put it back on! :-)
Last year by BigDaddyAEL1964
Hey there! I hope you still read your comments! I wanted to do a goldust mv on youtube and i would like to use your media. my name is chrizztiuurn there, so..
I would definitly credit you for sure!
2 years ago by ChrizzTiuurn