Shadow or STFL

Hey guys! It's that dude from YouTube, ShadowTailsFanLives! :D <br />So, yeah. I decided to get an account here for medias that YouTube hates (Spirited Away is the MAIN reason I got this!) & for stuff that YouTube blocks worldwide on the site. So yeah, I'm not gonna use this site that much. But hey! I could someday! :D <br /><br />Stuff I'll upload here: <br />Spirited Away AMVs (MAYBE some other Ghibli movie AMVs too, but SA is more fun to use. :P) <br />AMVs that YouTube blocked in some countries. (So those NON USA people can see them. :P) & <br />Videos blocked worldwide (SOMETIMES. Dailymotion kinda blocks those too so IDK if I ever will. :P) <br />AMV Previews (So that way I won't spam my YT subbers with them. XD)<br /><br />I hope you enjoy what you see! ^^ <br />& NO! I am NOT moving to this account AT ALL in the future! I already stated that I use this for the blocked YouTube videos & stuff. I'm not moving here like everyone else where they think the new YT design will be the death of them.