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The Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication (I.R.O.C.2) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a new way of social thinking as it relates to the use of digital technologies and responsibility. The Institute's acclaimed "Sexting Is Stupid" program has been developed by individuals with over 100 years combined education and school administration experience as well as, but not limited to, information technology and juvenile safety experts, general and child psychology specialists, and child advocacy legal counselors.

We are dedicated to proactively educating society about our concept of safety, self responsibility, self accountability and the devastating and life altering consequences that can occur when failing to apply our concept of "Digital Responsibility" or "Responsibility 2.1CTM" while using the internet, cell phones and other digital technologies.

The organization's creation is based on overwhelming public evidence that many individuals are not aware of the short and long term consequences of their own actions when utilizing our world's rapidly evolving digital technologies irresponsibly.

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Sexting Is Stupid - Important PSA About Sexting & Safety

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