Setton International Foods, Inc., based in Commack, New York, is a full service provider of nuts, dried fruit, edible seed, chocolate and yogurt panned items and candies to the snack industry. We currently carry over 1,000 products, some of which are imported from over twenty countries. Setton offers a variety of consumer and bulk packaging for its customers as well as custom packaging options. Setton Pistachio based in Terra Bella, California is the second largest pistachio processor in the United States. We export our premium California pistachios to over thirty foreign markets. Our many years of experience allow us to react daily to changing market conditions, enabling us to maximize returns to our pistachio growers and provide competitive pricing to our customers. Setton Farms is our premium brand, as well as the corporate identity of our numerous pistachio orchards. <br /><br />We take great pride in the special attention we give to every phase of production, which ensures the top quality and value of our products. We are happy and fortunate to have many dedicated, loyal and conscientious employees, who enable us to provide QUALITY and SERVICE which is second to none. <br /><br />