SESTEK (Speech Enabled Software Technologies) is a speech and communication technology company operating since 2000 as the market leader in Turkey with its best-in-class products. It has a financial power proven by Deloitte FAST 50 & FAST 500 programs consecutively from 2008 onwards, a pioneer role in university-industry collaboration, unique patented technologies and strong references from the leading companies of Turkey. SESTEK’s state-of-the-art product range includes Voice Biometrics Solutions (Vocal Passphrase, Speech Enabled Password Reset, Speech Enabled Second Factor Authentication, Verification On-the-Go, Blacklist aIdentification and Mobile Device Authentication); Voice of the Customer Solutions (Call Recording, Quality Management, Speech Analytics, FCR Analytics, Customer Feedback and Social Media Analytics); Customer Services Automation Solutions (Text-to-Speech, Speech Recognition, Call Steering, Automated Outbound Dialer, Speech Enabled Auto Attendant and Mobile Assistant SDK); and Productivity & Edutainment Solutions.