Hi, I'm SergeantStripestheCat. <br /><br />Rules: <br />1. No Swearing. <br />2. No Saying bad things about Sergeant Stripes or the other stuff I like. <br />3. Do not insult me or anyone else. <br />4. No Negative Comments. <br />5. No Porn Users. <br />6. Do not break any of the above. <br />If you break any of these rules, I'll block you. <br /><br />I Like: <br />Listening to Music <br />Going Out <br />Watching TV <br />Writing Stories <br />Playing my games <br />Being Good <br /><br />I Dislike: <br />Being Bullied <br />Shouting <br />Arguing <br />Getting Told Off <br />Being Naughty <br /><br />Favourite Programmes: <br />Sergeant Stripes <br />Lilly the Witch <br />Horrid Henry <br />The Lampies <br />Alvin and the Chipmunks <br />Avenger Penguins <br />Fantomcat <br />Sonic the Hedgehog <br />Super Mario Bros. <br />and others